I Think You Should Leave is good. But a lot of the sketches are bad. Both things can be true.

You know that one kid in middle school that would be constantly loud and obnoxious to the point that you got headaches, but like once or twice a year they would do something so funny you’ll probably tell your kids? That’s what I Think You Should Leave is like.


The current Mood Board

Today, I’m going to write my 23 year-old self a letter. Why? Because that is five years from now, which is exactly how much time I predict that I will need to start having success in my career.


I’m scared. You know that. You probably still are. I hope…

I haven’t been writing recently, but I have been taking a lot more pictures. These, of course, are not the same thing. Writing takes a lot more mental energy than these pictures I’ve taken, or more so, collected. These pictures are not anything special, mainly selfies and half assed attempts…

I mean this in the best way possible.

Nobody is seeing me. Nobody is here. This is a great thing right now because they cannot see me fail. Nobody is reading all these words right now and judging my lack of sophistication or how much I lean on my influences or my general corniness. I’m simply here practicing…

Elias Ochoa-Monsalve

Right now, I am nothing, but eventually I’ll be a writer.

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